What is the Home Farm development idea?

To build 135 houses on historic and significant Wiltshire landscape.


Why it mustn't be built?

The development would have a negative impact on the local community, landscape, history, environment and wildlife. More detailed discussion of the problems is given on our EBRAG response page


Link to the planning application 16/10502/OUT, now withdrawn. Hallam have lodged a planning application to build 135 houses. The site would have an entrance on to the fast and busy Boreham Road.






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The Boreham Community

Boreham lies to the east of Warminster, on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain. Although no longer a separate village, it retains a distinct flavour in its architechture and rural location.

Encompassing Boreham Fields and The Dene, the community of Boreham is steeped in history with the Iron Age hill fort of Battlesbury to its north and the ancient parish of Bishopstrow and the river Wylye to its south.

The area is also rich in wildlife. Barn owls, tawny owls, buzzards, kestrels are all present here along with sparrowhawks, ravens, bullfinches, willow warblers and pipistrelle bats to name but a few species. There is also a significant colony of house martins on the farm house of Home Farm and Boreham Manor.